Dan’s Chat Backend SaaS

How was the experience to work with Pairing?

Situation: Dan was trying to find another agency and has been burned by a part-time CTO before.

He hired an Oversight Developer to help find a good agency, and then see if they bring on the correct people. With that developer he was able to spot weak people in the agency's team and have them replaced.
What advice would you give other startup founders?

If you are totally new, it's hard. Startup life is a marathon, and it always takes longer than you think.


Have some experience dealing with project management
Have people in your network to reach out to
Think about time to revenue. Ideally make something that's clear in value and that you can sell fast.

How was your process in working with agencies?

With Pairing's Oversight developer Dan was able to trust his agency better. The hired dev did code reviews, helped Dan understand the agency's decisions, and eased the process to work with them more hands-on.

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