Get a Scrum team with 5 people in 2 months or less

We are not a typical outsourcing company. We follow best practices learned in Germany. We only hire rockstars. We believe in our choices so much that we hire developers so you can try them out for free.

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What you can do with a Pairing team

Pairing can be your "external squad" of specialist developers, at your command, let us explain:

Switch productivity
We believe in 2 things: The capability of our hires, and the strength of our process. We hire remotely and bring everyone to one table, every day.
Key Features:

We only hire senior or high potentials

Fluent in English

Trained in best practices + code quality

Get a full-stack team in a matter of days
Everyone is trained in Scrum and code quality
Be in control
Reduce cost + Increase margins

Our secret? We hire continuously!

And we pay for great developers to work on open source. So you can see before you contract us.

Hiring process

Our hiring funnel is always full

Developers work on open source, with a PM. Prospects can join standup and see how it works

The whole team joins the client's team as an external squad

Join one of our stand-ups...or see what we are working on open source section

And 3 signs you might want to get a whole team.

Company that we service usually have some of these 3 symptoms.


Do you have margin pressure?

If your business depends on invoicing developer hours, your costs of goods cold (COGS) can be very high as a percentage of revenue. This could have happened in several ways, all of which are hard to solve. You maybe have hired too expensive developers (due to your location). Or your billability is low. With our developers you can increase your per person margins by 10% or more.


Do you have more work than you can handle - But you cannot hire people?

Building a solid hiring funnel is hard - we know that, because we tried. Hiring somewhere else brings a lot of other challenges most businesses are not prepared for. In case you are in the lucky position to have gotten a huge client, you probably want to stock up on workforce - fast.


Overhead and delays eat up productivity?

Every time you hire a new developer you need an extensive onboarding process. Every company needs that. But be honest: is yours working optimally? We built onboarding into the trial teams. That means you don’t even pay for it. We teach new developers best practices and make sure they hit the ground running when they join your team.

How our clients work with our teams

Pair ProgrammingScrumDevelopmentCode Review + QAPerformance reviewsDemosStaff development meetings
UX conceptsArchitecture suggestions(to make sure engineers are happy)A pproval of featuresStaff development meetings

"Just one Pairing team improved our bottom line by 6%. This sounds small but it's actually a big deal!"

Who this is not for

We get a full team, at your command. That means, 3-5 Full-time Developers, Senior Manager. Everyone has been vetted by our Pairing process and is onboarded full.

Every team runs a Scrum process, that’s made for performance. Our retrospectives usually take not longer than 1 hour. Every standup only around 15 minutes. And we do a lot of pair programming, so that learnings are shared.

Budget: Low Has PO,
does PM (Might need a freelancer)
Budget: High
Needs full concept, PO, Marketing
(Might need an agency)
Pairing Clients
Budget: Medium
Has Product Owner (PO) Has developers, but need more
Till Carlos

Founded by a German in Estonia was founded in 2017 by Dipl.-Inf. Till Carlos. Coming from a freelance senior development position, Till grew the team organically without taking outside investment.

Now the team consists of 15 specialists in 10 countries. We value freedom, collaboration and industriousness.

About the Company

Our guarantee: You can try out our Scrum teams for free. See how they work. Then you decide if Pairing fits your business.

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