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Our developers logged over 6800 developer hours and hit dozens of deadlines. Learn more in our case studies

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We give you a free assessment of your requirements. Our developers work in pairs, with built-in quality checks.

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The results our clients got from 6800+ logged hours through Pairing

Case Studies

We worked with startups, marketing agencies, insurance, medical. See all case studies.

IconStartup (SaaS for Chatbots)
“Before we hired a senior engineer from Pairing, we were in a with our agency that built our chat-backend software” “After getting this senior engineer, we were able to uncover who was not performing and replace them with much better ones."
Dan, self-funded
Chat Backend SaaS
IconMedical Workflow system - launched bug free
IconDeveloper leasing
IconSmall business invented a product
IconPatient Access Pass - Hacker proof
IconFull team provisioned


Our clients experience these changes in how they work with software developers


Trust Estimations again


Feel better about what you ship

Atm Machine

Decrease the cost of expensive consultants


You will receive these things along the way to your software success

Feature 1

A clear action plan

You get a clear action plan and estimation after the first month working with TechLead. + Weekly updates.

Feature 2

Developers show progress

Developers that will work on your product and will give you the daily check-ins, and the process on the action plan we have set in place.

This will help you clearly see these
  • feature that get done (progress towards the end goal)
  • visibility of exactly what has been completed
  • reduce uncertainty of technical challenges.
Feature 3

Get a high quality, working software

Every time you hire a new developer you need an extensive onboarding process. Every company needs that. But be honest: is yours working optimally?

We built onboarding into the trial teams. That means you don't even pay for it. We teach new developers best practices and make sure they hit the ground running when they join your team.

Just one Pairing team improved our bottom line by 6%. This sounds small but it's actually a big deal!”


Depending on your scope and stage of your project

  • ✅ Price only depends on how much work you want to get done
  • ✅ Unlimited access to the daily dashboard, also for your team
  • ✅ Risk-free guarantee: our committed deadlines will be met, at no extra charge for you in case we miss them.
  • ✅ Daily work dashboard
  • ✅ Each developer is paired with a QA person that understands your business case
Till Carlos

Founded by a German in Estonia

Pairing.dev was founded in 2017 by Dipl.-Inf. Till Carlos. Coming from a freelance senior development position, Till grew the team organically without taking outside investment.

Now the team consists of 15 specialists in 10 countries. We value freedom, collaboration and industriousness.

Book a call with Till

Marketing and Management

Marketing team

We develop Full Stack

with high ROI Frameworks


Development Team

Engineer team


question faq icon

“Why buy from you? What makes you so special?”

True, you can get developers from anywhere. There are countless of local agencies and upwork is full of developers who can “work per requirement, sir”. Pairing is a system with people behind it, that delivers results. We beat the prices of local agencies (by far) while not having the uncertainty of hiring random developers overseas.

question faq icon

“What exactly am I signing up for?”

In the first step it's just a free call where we talk about your needs and what it would take to build your project. Nothing to lose here but 15 minutes of your time. Hiring developers after that is a 1-3 months commitment

question faq icon

“What happens if I wait?”

Your idea or feature will not get built. Nothing wrong with this, the market will decide if they still want your product.

question faq icon

“Are there any long-term contracts?”

Only if you want a long-term discount.

question faq icon

“What languages do your developers speak?”

Everyone is speaks fluent English. Some speak German. And of course local languages outside of our main market.

question faq icon

“Who are you guys anyways?”

We are a team that worked together for years. The founder himself is a senior developer who built complex systems. We understand the client requirement as well as what it takes to attract great talent.

question faq icon

“What results will I actually get from this?”

Depending on time, budget and scope, you will get the best product you specified. But don't be scared: there is a Pair of smart devs helping you on the way.

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“What's included in the support service?”

You have access to the oversight dev every day. The main dev is working for you full-time and you know exactly when and what they work on. We also give you some tips on when and how you can interrupt them.Additionally there's support for product + marketing from our founder on a case-by-case basis.

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“How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?”

No hidden fees, no payment fees. We charge per pair day and only if the full day was worked.

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“What tools does it integrate with?”

We use trello, clickup, and gitlab internally. We also integrate with your PM software if you have preferences.

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“Where are your developers?”

Asia, Europe, and some in Africa. We don't discriminate for anything. However, we make sure that your developer is in a time zone where you can reach them easily.

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