We are building in public - so you learn copy, adapt and do it even better.

We are creators. We cannot help it. We asked ourselves: what if we share the whole software creation process from A - Z. Follow us on the journey of building our own app and realasing it to the public.

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Kelana.io Efficient Time Tracking

Efficient time tracking

Many agencies build time tracking systems, because the use case is small and you can get an internal tool up fast. But why build another one? Back then we needed a certain integration for a client system called Moco. That’s why we decided to code it ourselves, and thus benefit from the possibility to change it to our needs.

Kelena Screenshot
Kelena Screenshot

Built with hotwire.dev

When we build kelana we needed it, and we needed it fast. Thus we build it with the simplest components that came out of the box: Rails 6 Hotwire.dev Postgresql on heroku Stimulus.js

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Reading is hard - let’s make it easy

With proreader we were curious about what could be done to improve reading Vietnamese fast. Normal reader apps did not support the nature of Vietnamese to combine words with multiple syllables.

Kelena Screenshot
proreader.io Improve Foreign Language Reading

Built with Vuejs

We knew that the frontend is the key here. It needed to be responsive, cache previously clicked words, and also give the option of throwing in any text you have in the clipboard. Thus, we used cutting-edge packages, like Rails 6 Vuejs Postgresql on heroku Graphql

Kelena Screenshot

We are constantly improving these projects through the work of our Scrum teams. Join us for a standup!