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Published on Feb 16 2022

The 80/20 of UX Design

The 80/20 of #uidesign - and a list of resources for tailwind

How do you keep effort on UI minimal while having great effect? (pareto or 80/20 rule)?

You use block components

This wasn’t possible with Bootstrap css, but it’s now with @tailwindcss

Libraries you can use 👇

We often use @_rareblocks system by @dannypostmaa for some time now. Mostly for ecommerce, application UI launching in March

Price: 0.5 ETH, around 1.5k now. See the collection: Rareblocks Access Pass - Collection | OpenSea

Use for almost anything

made by @knyttneve

Limited library, but neat, basic blocks. Also they are compatible with light/dark settings.

A good starting point

Price: free License: MIT.

The official library. 279 USD, for teams 799 USD

Has built-in support for HTML, React, and Vue. If you are building a @nuxt_js or @GatsbyJS - you might save a lot of time with this one

SaaS and indiehackers: great choice because of the application ui

by @roberttanislav and @victor_cordos

This has more dynamic components.

Daisy UI

by @saadeghi

This has many themes, a lot of work has gone into it. It’s hard to believe it’s free.

Check out the radial progress indicators. Beautiful!

Hey Devs and Designers -- This was just a quick selection. Which one did I miss?

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