We connect European Industries with Remote Engineers

We are vetting Ruby Engineers with the Pairing method. Our clients can always rely on performance and culture fit.

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intro section


We focus on Ruby on Rails for the backend, and Vuejs for the frontend.
We love Graphql to connect microservices.

What we stand for

We work with Ruby on Rails because we can still find joy coding it.
We never look away. If something looks weird, we start digging.
We take care. Only with mutual respect we can achieve great things.

"Software is not a feature - It's your reason for existence!"

We build digital infrastructure

Our team helps you build things that last. Whatever we build, we make sure you can maintain it - even if you decide to hire in-house.

3 industries

Our clients operate in 3 main industries: billing, insurance, and VR. Onboarding will be fast if your software system has touch points in these categories.

Average of 11 years experience

Across the whole team we average to 11 years of programming experience and 6 years of average only on Ruby on Rails.

Our unconventional offer


For clients

How about we work on your project for free, for a couple of days?

We would get to know your stack, see the challenges, and then know how we can help you.

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For developers

Do you want to see how it is to work with us?

How about a Pairing session, but YOU choose the project. Anything as long it's Ruby on Rails.

That way you can feel comfortable with your code, and we both have an easy way to get to know each other.

Ready for take-off?

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