Refunds are only possible if the data you received are not sufficient as promised. If the data is complete it is your responsibility to get results from it. We can't give you refunds if you don't act on our data.

Sufficient data is defined as complete data sets, not correct data. Our software might produce errors. If you are not satisfied with the quality you can cancel your subscription, but no refunds are given.

When is refund given

Only if we fail to deliver. Example: you don't receive any email in a given week. However, if there is no new prospect data, this might be because of list specifics. We can promise you to execute our tool and send you data, we can't promise that this data suits you in every case.

How much refund is given

In this case you can get a refund until the beginning of the current month. If you are on a yearly subscription you get the proportional refund for the last month. The refund will be proportional to the yearly fee. After that we cancel your subscription.

No refund fees

We want you to be happy with our data. Even if you need to go we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

There are no return fees attached to your cancellation.

How do I cancel or get a refund?

You can cancel anytime via email to info@pairing.dev. Please wait for a confirmation: the cancellation is only valid if confirmed by us. We try to respond to everyone as fast as possible.

If you see a failure from our side please state exactly what went wrong, so we can resolve issues with you together.