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Our Interview Process

Step 1

General Interview

We present you the vision and mission of our company, how we work, and who you will work with. Then we ask you about your goals. Only if we can help you get where you want to go, you can help us with our mission.

Step 2

Technical Interview

A technical interview where we give you a generic domain problem and you sketch down an ER diagram. This can take around 1h, maybe 1.5h. We only talk on the technical level and you will have enough time to think.

Step 3

Coding Test

If we are happy with your solution we'll invite you to make an integration test about the problem discussed in step 2. You don't need to build a fancy software, it'll just be some models and an rspec integration test.

Step 4

You are hired!

If your solution impresses us we'll hire you. Welcome to the team!