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Pairing can become your partner for more development power in your software team.

Hello, my name is Till and I am a senior developer myself. I have built Pairing after having hired dozens of developers for my own companies and clients' companies. The core of Pairing is the Pairing call. Our hiring process is built around working together.

What we do differently

We have seen way too many impressive CVs where the people behind them were less impressive. We believe in the power of 1 on 1 meetings. The power of having a *conversation*. To us, this is a requirement: if we would not hang out with someone for an (alcohol-free) beer - why would we want to work with them in the long run? That's even closer and even more time is spent!

How it works

Pairing calls are sessions where we can talk freely and honestly about challenges and opportunities.

During our hiring workflow you will experience how this benefits the transparency:

  • Communication skills are clearly visible
  • Ideas are transported even before seeing code
  • You can see if the candidate is a culture match

We work exclusively with senior developers and project managers. All our team members are remote, because that's what we breathe ourselves.


Here are some testimonials from customers and their team members. All testimonials are verbatim (sometimes translated) and from real people who have worked with our team.

"Onboarding was very fast, even though our project is quite complex. Additionally the help outside the main task was helpful."

After the agreed weeks to work together we got the result we wanted, which now helps us to continue from here. Off-boarding was started early and done without issues.

Commits were pushed early, questions were asked early in chat and zoom. Nothing to improve, it was like expected, very professional

And hey, I know I've told you this before, but I still use the "Till Carlos Method of Recruiting". I have found amazing people who jumped through the hoops. I use the last question to ask candidates to make and send us a UseLoom video. This has been great heuristics in weeding out good candidates from the slackers.

Your developer is like a typical Eastern European. He is super smart, thinks things through. He is brutally honest, which sometimes hurts but it always leads to the goal.

Companies we worked with

We could not list all customers as some want to stay off the radar.

If you want a more details description of the projects, please have a call with us and we can find out how much our domain expertise matches with your project.

Software is the digital backbone of an organization

Over the last...years, we have helped big and small companies optimize their process and beautify their digital presence.


The process

Step 1: initial call about problem set

Here you will have a call with me, the founder of Pairing. In a 30 minutes call we will discuss your challenges and what kind of person or team you need in order to reach our goals.

Step 2: You will receive candidates

This step will take a couple of working days. We will make a list of possible candidates and discuss with them your project.

After that you will receive an email with candidates doing a pairing session on your specification. With these recorded sessions you will be able assess other market options better. They will serve you as a good second opinion even if we don't start to work together.

Step 3: Onboarding

We make a contract to ensure that all work belongs to you and cannot be used by us whatsoever. You onboard the developer to your project and start working.

We deliver comprehensive reporting, but we also encourage you to track times and measure progress. In the end, the structure of your team needs to be clear for your future team growth.

We coach you along the way to navigate around obstacles.

Get in touch and book a call: here